Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I know we were doing this "Toolbox" thing, and that's an ongoing process, but I'm branching into some other stuff in the meantime because I can't focus on that right now due to deadlines elsewhere. The Weirding updates every Halloween and this Halloween will be no different; that is where my attentions lay at this time.

I took a course on creative writing some years ago. I really learned a lot from it, though not a lot is necessarily applicable to what I am doing now. The course was actually on freelancing and the Web was just in its infancy then (well, some 12 years on, but this was just after the Dot-Com Boom [and Bust] and that's when the WWW really began), so it had very little on writing for the Web itself and focused on writing for periodicals, etc. I haven't looked at the course materials since I took it and I dug them out the other day. I'm going to go through them, share the pertinent stuff, and make observations on how the industry(s) has changed.

I am also going to be discussing scenes and scene structure a lot, because I have a great book on the subject which I re-read every few years. It's flat-out amazing, this book, but it gets fricking heavy, and I've never taken notes on it (actually that's not true; I've taken notes on it several times, but I only come across them once in a while and only realize what they are every third or fourth time I do) except in the margins. Anyway, I love this book and it's just fantastic, so I'm going to discuss it as I re-read it.

I'm re-reading the book because I'm going to put it to use. I am currently taking a course on Cartooning and I am going to put all these pieces together at the same time. And you are going to be right there as I do. Nifty, hey wot?

Okay, got to pay some bills, then I'm going to eulogize Billy Safire for tomorrow, because I loved his column ("On Language") and didn't even realize he was still alive! Anyway, some of this is coming tomorrow, the rest of it throughout the next few months. I am having surgery in November and once that's done, I'm really hoping to be able to work regularly.

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