Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Coffee Day

Yesterday was National Coffee Day, but you probably didn't know it - we didn't know it (which is why we didn't report on it until today). But Coffee Day is a holiday tailor-made for writers - if for no other reason than that National Alcoholics Day (NAD) has yet to be invented. What? We're too busy.

Anyway, coffee is a wonderful invention which kick-starts most writers' every day. Ironically, National Coffee Day is the only day in recent memory on which I didn't start my day with a fresh cup. I'm no "purist;" I enjoy mine with cream and sugar - "Yep: sugarwater," a female friend once reported through pursed lips. Still, I used to drink coffee literally by the pot - my dad and I both drank it all day long, so a pot was always on, fresh or otherwise.

Though I never bought-in to the $8/cup fad of recent years, I often spend good money on top-shelf coffee because I drink so much of it. Yet, it wasn't until a year or so ago that I actually learned how best to enjoy it. This happened because I was chosen by a sponsor to "test-drive" a new variety of their line. There was a list of suggestions/directions on the back which intrigued me, and sent me to the Web to learn more.

The whole $10/cup coffee craze was ushered in by what I call the Seattle Era: basically, the 1990s. Grunge became the pop music du jour at the turn of the decade and a certain heroin addict's apparent suicide cemented popular culture's fascination with all things Seattle. Then came a little show called Friends, featuring a circle of acquaintances and a monkey, whose every comedic situation occurred amidst oversized mugs of coffee. Suddenly, Starbuck's were opening in everyone's closet.

Still, coffee is a great pick-me-up that just happens to be tasty, too. Weird Ink will now celebrate National Coffee Day every September 29th - possibly with some of these kickin' coffee recipes. And since there are no websites dedicated to National Coffee Day, I promise to bring you something fresh on coffee, annually.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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