Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gay Penguins Most Banned Book in America

Did you know last week was Banned Books Week? I had never heard of it and had no idea, however we are ardent supporters of free speech in literature and have brought you several stories concerning moronic Christians (I know, that's redundant) - because they are the only ones who ban and burn books in America - who target books for banning.

It turns out And Tango Makes Three, a children's book about gay penguins which is based on a true story (about gay penguins in the Central Park Zoo), is the book most targeted for banning. The reasons most often cited include "anti-ethnic, anti-family, homosexuality, religious viewpoint, and unsuited to age group." The Harry Potter series is also commonly targeted.

In 2008, the ALA (American Library Association, linked to above) recorded 517 requests to ban books, 74 of which were successful.

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