Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No More "This Writer's Life"

Earlier last month, the latest issue of Writer's Digest came through and I meant to post this then, but kept putting it off and forgetting.

(I used to be one of those magazine hounds: I got 5-6 magazines every month, most of which I simply filed when they arrived. This year, I canceled all but Writer's Digest and Comics Buyer's Guide - I simply did not read them, so why keep paying for them?)

Anywho, I had posted before that Kevin Alexander's "This Writer's Life" was the only consistent thing in WD anymore. And now it's over.

That's right, Kevin Alexander's "This Writer's Life" will no longer be appearing in Writer's Digest, so when my subscription runs out, I will no longer be subscribing to WD. Honestly, there just isn't anything in there that speaks to me as a writer anymore. The advice is recycled, the articles are too shallow to provide the information I really want from them, and there is no focus. While Alexander will remain on-staff as an editor, and will continue his blog, his column is over.

We wish Kevin all the best in his budding career and will continue to read him faithfully online, but we hate to see him go.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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