Monday, July 7, 2008

Men Charged in Journalist's Death

Last month, three men were arrested in conjunction with Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya. Now, authorities say the man who fired the fatal last shot is hiding-out somewhere in Europe. We brought you the story last year.

All three men came from Chechnya and were arrested in June. Police have yet to disclose a motive for the killing, but Politkovskaya was a known and outspoken critic of Russia's government. One officer with the country's security service has been charged with abuse of office, but charges against a fifth man - a Chechen official thought to have provided her address - were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

While the specific country in which the wanted criminal has not been named, officials indicated they knew where he was. Two of the men arrested are expected to go on trial next month.

Politkovskaya was the thirteenth journalist to have been murdered execution-style during Putin's reign.

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