Sunday, July 6, 2008

Be Back This Week

Hi guys, we'll be back to somewhat regular posting this week. Just got caught at the first of the month with the holiday and it screwed everything up royally.

You will notice changes in the design, as I continue to add features and remove Google AdSense and other fraudulent advertisers and sponsors. I will post a rather in-depth article this week on why you should NOT use Google AdSense on any of your blogs or sites - it is just free advertising for Google and their advertisers.

Advertisers complain that it is no good because of all the clickfraud which burns-up their advertising budget, but as an honest publisher who has had his account manipulated numerous times over the past THREE YEARS without receving so much as a SINGLE DIME in profits, I can assure you those advertising dollars are not going to the people who run your ads on their sites.

Anyway, still working on bringing you the best content out there, period. And it's all original!

Advertisers and sponsors interested in advertising on The Weirding will have more information coming soon.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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