Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hawt Couture

Blog Writing Dress
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What would blogging be without the proper attire? One of the most oft-repeated Golden Rules of working from the home is to "dress for success," or "dress the part" -- meaning to get out of your PJs and into your khakis and loafers. The idea is that dressing for work puts you in the working frame of mind, helping you mentally separate your home from your home office -- even if your "home office" is the far end of the living room couch -- and be more productive. But no one ever took that shit seriously.

Some bloggers prefer tube socks and a baseball cap (and nothing else), while others wear only an adult diaper, but Dear Creatures' Blog Writer Dress is the perfect, omnigender outfit for your blogging experience. Whether your home office is a mahogany desk in front of the bay window overlooking the beach, or a laptop balanced on your knees in the kitchen hallway, the Blog Writer Dress is the perfect attire for pounding-out those inane observations on lives you are too afraid to lead and people you will never meet.

Though the description says "there's no reason to sacrifice ease in the name of style," if you are wearing this dress, I'm pretty sure you're sacrificing both. Don't forget your chastity belt, or -- if you are daring -- wear no panties whatsoever! The latter option is probably not suited for those who balance a laptop on their knees, regardless of where they are located.

From the makers of the Watch the Waves Tunic. No, for real.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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