Monday, June 7, 2010

The Five Most Overused Internet Phrases

I have to be honest, I was not aware of at least 2-3 of these, even though I am an ardent member of several social networks, including Twitter, and participate in a handful of message boards/forums and chat events. Of course, I am also a 35-year-old geek who tends to associate with like-minded people of a similar age, so I have to assume a lot of these concern a younger age group and more popular, more mainstream, venues? Although Facebook is about as mainstream as you can get.

I also might not recognize these only because I didn't know to look for them; if I have ever seen anyone using "THIS" in any capacity, I'm sure I overlooked it and read right past it because it meant nothing to me. Still, I absolutely have not heard these phrases often enough for them to be considered "overused," much less the most overused.

What happened to "FIRST"?

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