Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On top of everything, the Vista computer crashed! I'm actually on it right now, but it's been locking-up ever since, so I'm doing what I can. The 98 box will no longer let me connect for no reason; it connects, but hangs me right up.

My female friend took her stuff to the new place (well, she said that's what she was doing, but I kinda wonder) and has been gond all day, supposedly to wash clothes. She's been really upset and moody the last few days and I have to admit, her taking all of her stuff makes me wonder if she's coming back. I hope she is: she's got my debit card!

More to come tonight, but I can't tell you what to expect the rest of the week nor next. I have to find some way to get into town and sign papers to move the utilities tomorrow and there's still another load to carry. It's a mess, guys...

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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