Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving Schedule

Well, the time is finally upon us. I have been talking about moving from this awful apartment complex for years now, but nothing ever came up that I could count on. Either that or the opportunities which presented themselves were basically no better situations than the one in which I have been stuck these last three years, so what was the point? Lateral moves are not progress.

Anyway, I'm confident that this new place - which I am supposed to (hopefully) check out tomorrow or Friday - is going to be better than where I am right now. In most regards, it simply has to be. But it doesn't appear I am going to be able to afford the killer cabin on the river that I really, really want - at least not yet - and that is largely because certain sponsors refuse to get their shit together and pay on-time. That is at least partly to blame for my current financial predicament - and when I say "partly," I mean a big part.

Anyway, it's crunch time and I have to get my stuff ready to move. Even worse, this place has no liquor stores, so there aren't many places to get boxes and it's been raining pretty much the entire last two weeks. I'm going to have to put my clothes in trashbags and I don't know what else to do with the rest. I guess I'll just have to take it as it comes. If everything works out, I'll be moving my furniture and so forth into the new place this weekend, though I'll likely stay here until the last of the month, just because the rent's already paid and all. It will take a bit to get the utilities and all switched-over; whenever all that is done, I will move.

Tomorrow and throughout next week, I'll have more on our writing strategy guide. It's a WIP and one I'd really like to receive input on from all of you, but one I've been kicking-around in my head for a while. Setting it forth in print is a big step and one that I hope will bring it closer to reality. I never cared to write a novel myself, but I do like talking shop and kicking these ideas around, so it's something I look forward to bringing you and hope proves productive.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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