Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RIP: John Updike

John Updike has died at age 76. He suffered from lung cancer.

Updike was one of the most celebrated American authors of our time, having won several awards - including two Pulitzers - for his many works. Throughout his nearly 50 books in 50 years, he wrote about everything from sex to witchcraft to... rabbits (okay, not really rabbits), but his favorite subject was adultery, on which he said, "if I have not exhausted, has exhausted me."

Many of his books made their way into pop-culture, such as his The Witches of Eastwick, even if few in the mainstream knew he was the author of such works. Witches even spawned a sequel, Widows of Eastwick, which was among the last of his works published while he was still alive.

John Updike was a true writer - an observer and recorder of all things mundane or otherwise - and though he is best known as an author, Updike was also a poet, children's writer, and critic. Known for his lyricism and prolificacy, his many published works were in addition to his regular contributions to such prominent periodicals as The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books.

John Updike is survived by his four children and second wife.

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