Friday, November 21, 2008

Extension: Read It Later

I am a Bookmark hound - I collect bookmarks like every page I visit and appreciate will be forever lost to the Internet Ether if I don't. In my defense though, this is the very reason I do it! With Google's extortive, unfair, and incomprehensible PageRank nonsense, as well as the proliferation of spam sites and easily- (and oft-)abused SEO "black-hat" tricks, we all know finding anything online can be tricky and finding anything twice is only slightly less difficult.

This is one of the reasons external links are opened in new windows across The Weirding. I find sites that do not do this to be annoying; I'd like to be able to reference links in the text of what I am reading without losing my place, but too few sites allow you to do this without having to use the Back button in your browser, which then reloads the page at teh beginning. Just a hassle.

Another of my pet-peeves is bookmarking, itself. I come across tons of stories everyday that I either don't have time to read right then or whatever, but know that if I bookmark them, I'm just going to lose them amongst the thousands of bookmarks I already have. A while back, I started an "A" Folder, where I collected all of these types of bookmarks, but it quickly became so large that, again, I could never find what I was looking for! Now I have about three of these "A" Folders filled with hundreds of bookmarks I will likely never bother to actually read simply because I am so overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

Then I found Read It Later.

Read It Later is a fantastic Firefox extension which basically creates an online Bookmark "A" folder you can access from your navigation pane. While it is basically just another bookmarks folder, I have found it darned handy and recommend it for all those bookmarks you know you won't need to preserve but do want to check out eventually.

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