Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What do you think?

While there are many tweaks to be made - some of which are already planned and others will crop-up as we go along - this is basically it for the foreseeable future. I am probably going to change the color scheme because this is a little too... frumpy? Stifled, maybe. Still, this design allows me to include everything I planned to.

Weird Ink was never intended to compete with other, writing-focused sites; instead, it was always conceived to be a necessary tool. Whenever you sit down at your computer to write - be it homework, a short, a poem, an article or blog entry, research a subject, develop a character - I do not care - Weird Ink is meant to be open.

You can use the information here to improve your work, find an outlet to publish it, discover a contest in which to enter it, and find inspiration; you can use the tools provided to find useful information, define terms, discover synonyms and antonyms, and more; you can take a break and be entertained, perhaps even challenged, by one of the posts; or find out more about what's going on in the industry. It is not meant to be a writing portal so much as the penultimate resource; why open 12 different windows when you can open only this one?

Of course, this is a very lofty goal, and one that I take seriously. I already know it will take years of serious development, careful maintenance, and steady work to achieve - and I planned for this from jumpstreet - we just had a series of shaky starts and missteps along the way (not unlike the parent site, itself!). Remember, again, this is not just a blog; this comprises the entire writing section of The Weirding. So it is far more than just a collection of tips, tricks, bad advice, and so forth; it is an honest-to-goodness writing tool to help you write more efficiently, more powerfully, and just plain gooder.

Eek. Of course, I meant betterer.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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