Wednesday, April 2, 2008


If you've noticed some churn in your feeds it's because I have been working on the tags this morning and will likely be working on them throughout the day today and off and on throughout the week. That, though, is the least of the technical difficulties which you may run across this week - today, especially.

Like I said, I am changing the template because this one is just too buggy. I really like the look and all, but the functionality is too limited for what I want to do and include, so I am forced to find a better one. This means that you may have trouble getting on here and/or things may be all out of wack once you do. Be patient and we'll try to have everything up and running by the end of the day, though it will be at least another week or two before things really settle down completely, as I continue to tweak things once the basic layout is in place.

An important part of the layout is making sure your eye is drawn where I want it to be - that you see what I want you to see first, but are still able to find what you are looking for without trouble. This isn't just about advertising; for instance, I want you to have the Bartleby's resource, but since it will take you to another site, I want your eye to be drawn to a suitable alternative tool that will keep you on The Weirding (preferably on Weird Ink, itself) first. This takes a lot of eyeballing and trial-and-error work and can be quite time-consuming.

But we're not talking about layout today; we're discussing design. And while this design is aesthetically pleasing, it is technically malfunctional, and you can't trade one off for the other - in such a case, you may have to compromise to get the best from both, but you can't just say, "I want a pretty, but useless, blog" or "I want a stark, ugly, workhorse blog." There are plenty of the former around the Web already, and at least 5-10 of the latter.

Anyway, just be patient while I get things in place and enjoy our archives in the meantime. You can find any of our posts by subject, simply by clicking on one of the tags to the right.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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