Saturday, December 8, 2007

Strike Negotiations Breakdown

Talks between producers and WGA representatives have apparently broken down and both sides are blaming the other (of course), with producers saying the union is pursuing their own agenda at the expense of working writers and other employees of the shows and movies halted, and the WGA insisting the "great deal" they were promised has yet to materialize. Since the WGA has pressed hard for (and received) a media black-out, one can only go by what one hears, but from the information I have received, it appears both sides have valid points against the other.

We have discussed the WGA's complaints in previous posts, and it bears mentioning that I, along with the vast majority of performers and audience members, completely agree with their primary request: to receive more money from sales of DVDs and Web content - whether streaming, downloadable, or otherwise. But The Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers (AMPTP) claims WGA reps used this latest round of negotiations to bring up older issues, such as those it has with reality and animation programs (the WGA believes they should both require unionized writers, as well).

Now, as to this last point, I stringently disagree with the WGA; while I agree they should be fairly compensated for their work, part of the reason I do not like unions is because of shit like that right there.
I have no desire to join their little clique, regardless and I've stated that before. Still, the AMPTP has already proven itself a gaggle of unconscionable liars and self-serving thieves, so I don't know how much I believe their version of events.

At any rate, the collective TV-viewing audience is the real victim here, with almost all scripted shows having cut their seasons short due to the strike.

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