Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Get Paid to Blog for a Year!

Here's a great opportunity for established bloggers, as well as new ones - and myself:

Blog For a Year is a website running a contest that will choose one lucky blogger and pay him a year's salary to do what he does best: blog!

Each person can vote once a day (you can vote for yourself - so far, I've got one vote but... I don't know... you know, I mean - thanks! - you know, to whomever) and when the contest has ended, the lucky blogger will receive a heft annual salary to continue his blog for a year.

Please go and vote for me, but I also urge you to sign up for the contest yourself and leave me a link to your profile on this post over to The Rundown. Then, I'll go and vote for everyone who leaves a comment, and ask y'all to please do the same for me. That way, maybe one of us will win and then we can all say we helped make that happen!

So, to sum things up: vote for me.

Oh, and The Rundown thing.

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