Monday, December 10, 2007

Strike a Deal Counter-March

Hundreds of non-writing workers took to the streets of Hollywood over the weekend to protest the WGA strike with a counter-march.

Film and television workers joined the Strike a Deal march this weekend to "put a face on the thousands of us adversely affected by the current strike." The march included production workers, as well as those from floral, catering, and cleaning businesses that work in Hollywood and on productions.

TV executives are finally starting to feel the pinch, as their top-rated shows run out of new episodes. Ugly Betty has 3 episodes left, while Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy have only 1; most other hit shows have already ended their seasons, including Heroes and The Office.

Sadly, while I feel for all involved, the TV executives are primarily to blame and since they are just now starting to feel the effects of their greed and obstinance, the strike must continue until they cave. I, like many, feel that - all other issues aside - the executives must make concessions to the writers as the writers demand when it comes to Web and DVD distribution and sales.

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