Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paying Erotica Markets

So I told you that I got the 2007 Writer's Market even though I hadn't ordered it. I was going to send it back, but I figured that if I can make enough money to pay for it by blogging, then it will pay for itself.

I'm not a big Erotica fan - in any form. To me, there's a very fine line between "erotica" and outright pornography, and I figure if I want to see, read about, or otherwise experience sex vicariously (as a voyeur, as it were), then I'll go for the latter. I don't smoke Ultra-Light cigarettes and I don't drink decaffeinated coffee. But to each his own, I always say, and a whole lot of folks have asked me about Erotica markets.

So, here you go:
  • Cellar Door Publishing, LLC
    3439 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 309
    Portland, OR 97232-1959
    Pub: Jade Dodge
    Interested in illustrated books and graphic novels. Cellar Door Publishing accepts a wide variety of genres. E-mail for ms guidelines.
  • Best SF/F Erotica Contest
    Circlet Press
    1770 Massachusetts Ave., #278
    Cambridge, MA 02140
    April 15 - Aug 31, annually $5.00 entrance fee
    5-15k word submissions. Science-fiction or Fantasy stories with an erotic twist. Hardcopy mss, e-mail mss accepted only if outside US. All entrants receive $5.00 off coupon for anything in Circlet catalog.
    1st - $500
    2nd - $250
    All others pub. in anthology for regular payment ($50-100, depending on length)
  • Arcturus Publishing
    26/27 Bickels Yard, 151-153 Bermondsey St.
    London, SE1 3HA England
    Book catalog and ms guidelines free. Pubs. 30-40 titles/yr., 40% from first-time authors, 90% unagented. Pays 5-10% royalty on wholesale price. Pub. 6 mos. after acceptance; simultaneous submissions allowed; response within 2 mos.

And there you have it: 1 for the US, 1 for our friends across the pond, and 1 contest for everybody.

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