Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pulitzers Results and WDBC

The Pulitzers were held and the BBC has the results. I don't have much to say about them, because I don't know anything about them nor the entrants. It was neat to hear that the guy who is working on the stage adaptation of Shrek won something. Kinda gives one hope for the future, you know?

The Writer's Digest Book Club is on my butt because they sent me like 3 books I had told them not to send me and now they want me to pay like $60.00 for them and I'm not about to. I don't need the 2007 Writer's Market because I have the 2006, not to mention that I'm not actually pursuing any outside writing jobs or looking to get published in print right now. But I figure I'll pay for that one and share the markets here and on the website - can't hurt to have it around, but just for the record, I didn't order it, I denied it and they sent the damned thing anyway.

I figure I'll go to the PO and pay for the shipping and handling to send the other books back and then demand they credit me for the cost. Nah. I'll write them and tell them to send me the postage so I can return it. I dunno if they will or not. They have a funny way of not wanting you to directly contact anyone, you know what I mean? Like some fly-by-night scam business or AOL. You have to search and search to find their customer service number, then go through an exhausting menu, then hold, then get a message that they are closed or something.

I'm covering the VA Tech incident over to The Wording, as well as a few posts on how school shootings are a part of American pop culture now @The Rundown.

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