Friday, April 20, 2007

Commin Grammer Misstakes

Yes, I'm a Grammar Nazi... sometimes. I'm not always a stickler for the rules, but some of the more common grammar and speling errors grate on my nerves and crawl up my spine like nails on a blackboard.

I was just surfing around earlier when I came across this article on grammar from ZDNet UK.

What's interesting about this one is that, before it finished loading - I even clicked on it - I was saying to myself, "The #1 spot ought to be 'looser' for 'loser.'" And, right behind that came my Inner Cynic, "Yeah, but I doubt that even made the list."

Sometimes, it's just scary. I love that whomever wrote this article agrees that it's THE #1 infraction across the Web! I used to think it was limited to AOL chatroom loosers, but long after I'd long since stopped going into/onto anything AOL (okay, I still use AIM), this one kept cropping up. Not so much like a bad penny as a tenacious assassin - or maybe a quarrelsome ex-girlfriend who knows just the right buttons to push.

Still a good article. Commit these 10 simple grammer lessons to memory and you can't loose.

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