Monday, April 23, 2007

This Month's WD - 101 Best Writing Websites

I'm on the fence here. Have been for the past few years, in fact.

I'm not sure which way to go: Writer's Digest or The Writer.

I could go on and on about both magazines, but in general, I prefer The Writer, but I let my subscription lapse, while I still receive WD. The only reason for this is because I got a "special rate" offer which actually made buying 2 years of WDroughly equivalent to 1 year of The Writer. No joke; I got 2 years of WD for about $25.00 and 1 year of The Writer is more expensive than that.

But I must say that Writer's Digest ripped me off on my last subscription. I subscribed to 12 issues right before they changed to their new bi-monthly schedule and they did not credit me the other issues. So I saw the new rate as less a "great bargain" than a "breaking even" price.

Anyway, this month's WD is their annual 101 Best Writing Websites (no, we're not on there yet), which I highly recommend. Most of the sites you are likely already familiar with, but if you're going to pick up just one issue of either magazine this year, this is probably the one you want. It will keep giving long after you've read it, simply because you can't make your way through all of these sites in the course of a single year unless you really work at it.

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