Monday, March 23, 2015

Laying it Down

I recently went without Internet access for nearly a month but, luckily, I did have access to numerous books. One of these was a fantasy regarding a woman who inherited a manse from her eccentric aunt whom she had only briefly encountered previously when she was a child.

The book was rife with intrigue regarding the rather commonplace - for instance, her mother disapproved of her aunt and her father was a pastor who did not know that the girl was not actually his child. The fantastic bits were likewise simple and not as fantastic as explanatory: For the most part, her aunt was an educated woman who used homeopathy and scientific methodology to concoct poisons and slaves she then provided to those in the countryside. For these reasons, she was labeled a "witch."

Again, intriguing and historically accurate but not terribly entertaining, especially since these points were belabored well into the 25th chapter! That was around the place where I stopped fighting my increasingly growing disinterest and laid the book down.

Have you ever stopped reading a book, even one you'd read the majority of? I know some people cringe at the thought, the going assumption being that you don't know how good the book may or may not have been if you didn't finish it. Others say such persistence is necessary for all things in life where others say life is too short to read bad books.

What say you?

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