Monday, February 16, 2015

Narcissistic Prompts

My guess is that the reason so many prompts are focused on the writer and/or his childhood is that it's an instance of "Know thyself" and wanting you to "Write what you know." I understand the need for such things but it does seem rather self-indulgent at times.

Jack Heffron's The Writer's Idea Book has an entire chapter devoted to these and I encountered many that I have shared with you from that book, as well as others. Heffron says, "All of these prompts should help you begin exploring yourself in a variety of ways. Be daring. The key is candor."

I feel as though I'm asking you all to reveal things about yourself to everyone, at-large. And I guess I am... but there is at least a semblance of anonymity here. Hopefully we have a well-behaved following (I've never experienced any nastiness in the comments here). Still, don't share anything you don't want to but feel free to share insignificant information - such as whether your character uses a brush or comb, for instance. Or you can simply do the exercises without sharing them. It would still be nice to hear from you if you do them.

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