Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slight Revival

The title may make no sense - it's a play on a Jimi Hendrix song title that just sprang to mind for no good reason. I don't mind if it doesn't make sense. The point behind it is that I am thinking of reviving this blog which never managed to get much attention back when due to all the other projects I had open.

I've been working on several traditional writing projects over the last year or two, including a few screenplays/teleplays I hope to submit to paying markets. As I go along, I need a place to keep my information and ideas that hit me along the way. Instead of creating a mass of notebook pages or physical notebook with all of this stuff (which I'm only going to misplace), I thought reviving Weird Ink and sharing this stuff with others made more sense.

Of course, the more time I spend talking about writing, the less time I spend actually writing. However, I'm thinking this could work out well all the way around. So stay tuned and check back often; I'm planning on doing something around these parts.

© C Harris Lynn, 2012

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