Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'm almost far enough ahead to where I can actually redesign this place. It's a big job and I just launched a new site (Can't Call Mom dot Com), so I can't make any promises, but there it is. The issue is with the template, which has a bug that crunches everything in the sidebar. And the color scheme is a little wack.

The entire process includes recording all of the information in the sideboard, a lot of which is individual links, which must be re-recorded on the new template. This can take hours and is very repetitive. Of course, that's part of the job, but it's one of the worst parts. It's also so time-consuming that I probably won't be able to do much else the day I finally break down and do it.

Another issue is that I had an original template for this blog. Once Blogger updated, I could no longer use it. It's been so long ago that I did it that I've forgotten how I managed it in the first place and I'd have to sit down and relearn how to make a template. Since Blogger is introducing new features all the time, I assume I'd have to keep-up with things along those lines, which makes maintaining a customized template kind of out of my reach. However, I am not comfortable with the templates Blogger offers.

All of this is true for The Cyberculturalist as well, so I was hoping to take a single day to do both, but it looks like it's going to take at least a day for each, and I just don;t have that kind of time right this moment.

Anyway, depending on what I do, I'll record it and walk you through it. In the meantime, I've moved some elements around so if you can't find something, I did it. Sorry!

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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