Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I just wanted to let you know what's going down. I know I've been doing a lot of these posts lately, but I've little choice; there is so much going on IRL with the recent move and all that I simply don't have the time (nor presence of mind) to keep-up.

This works well with the theme of this department, because I'm sure at least some of you run more than one, as well, and can relate. It's difficult to "switch gears" mentally (and emotionally) so often, and that is a major impedance to my posting regularly here. That is a major impedance to my regular posting across all the blogs, now that I mention it. But more than that, the blogs are actually different departments of The Weirding and I am working to better integrate them so they can serve better in that capacity.

Weird Ink
has undergone more template changes than any of the other blogs for various reasons, but I'm still not satisfied with the current look. It initially bore a customized template I designed myself. It worked well with the overall design of the rest of the site, but Blogger is a real pain in the ass when working with anything other than text and problems persisted. After spending literally months (off and on) wrestling with it, I gave up. I eventually settled on the present design, knowing all along that it was a temporary measure. There is no ETA or information on this to provide you at this time, but know that a major overhaul is in the works.

Speaking of integration, The Weirding is a potpourri of subjects and interests; the only real commonality is me. I have tried to keep things somewhat separate, so that each department functions as its own animal, however the decision to use blogs for handling these branches was a technical one; they were always meant to be viewed as arenas of The Weirding as a website as much as they are individual blogs. As such, more future content will relate to other interests covered by The Weirding. You may not be particularly interested in roleplaying games, comic books, or the paranormal, but other visitors to the site are and so am I, and more of the material produced is going to reference materials already published at The Weirding.

Of course, we always provide you with the choicest links to supporting information, but we cover such a vast array of topics that self-referential links keep us from having to repeat information (including external links). We will always provide you with the best material on a subject, whether or not it resides on our site(s).

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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