Friday, June 26, 2009

JK Rowling Sued for Plagiarism

Author, JK Rowling, is headed back to court for yet another plagiarism lawsuit. Since the mega-success of Rowling's Harry Potter series, the authoress has found herself the target of such suits a few times over. Like most of the others, this one is a bit weak, yet allegations were first made back in 2004.

The family of an author whose manuscript was rejected by Rowling's agent back in the late 1980s says Rowling plagiarized portions of her Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Adrian Jacob's book was published by a smaller firm under the title, The Adventures Of Willy The Wizard No 1: Livid Land.

Among the similarities, both pertain to a wizard attending a secret school, both main characters participate in a magic competition, and both have plots involving the rescue of a human from a half-human creature, holding the captive in a bathroom.

Rowling denies ever having read the book, nor any other books by the author, at any time prior to the complaint first being made in 2004. This was almost seven years after the first Harry Potter book had been released.

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