Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogging the Write Way: Workarounds

I have been fighting Blogger for two days now; their "Scheduled Posting" services are down. However, I've managed to keep busy. Obviously, I'm writing this early, early in the morning and it will be here when you wake up because I can't schedule it to go off later in the day. But aside from this post, I managed my time quite well. Maybe the list of things I accomplished will help propel you the next time you hit a wall with your blogging or writing.

I kind of felt bad writing it because it just seems masturbatory, but actually, I accomplished a hell of a lot by simply putting my block behind me - literally. I got up, got away from the keyboard, and focused my attentions on other things. This got me thinking in different directions, which brought a (much-needed) fresher perspective to my writing once I did return to it.

All in all, I thought presenting this list would give you some idea of just how much time can be wasted rummaging through help forums, sending angry e-mails, and being in a bad mood.
  • I worked on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign all morning long while watching the blogs. I started a map of the campaign area, worked-up some details for some key minor characters, and more.
  • I washed dishes. Because my hot water is extremely limited, a full sink usually takes about two tries and at least half a day. I settled for doing one load and even though the sink is still full (and that makes me unsettled), it's better than it was. I've learned to compromise a lot lately.
  • I cleaned the air conditioner's filter.
  • I tidied-up in the bathroom (and cleaned the toilet), as well as throughout the rest of the house (you can't tell).
  • I cleaned my coffemaker by running a half-bottle of vinegar through it, followed by several pots of cold water.
Yes, I suppose the glitch did make my day tougher, generally speaking, but it also allowed me the time to get some of the other things in my life done - things which demand attention they don't always get.

The next time something keeps you from working, list what you did instead. If you accomplished goals outside of work, something still got done, and you should be proud!

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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