Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Toolkit Project

I have not forgotten our little project. Through several great writing books and numerous resources I have available to me, I decided to establish a system for writing various projects, but mostly longer stories and novels. This is not a unique idea or anything, but there are many approaches and methods by which one can do such things and I've never really considered it closely in all these years, so I decided now is as good a time as any and it will help me remain focused, as well.

Obviously, everything is on-hold here until the end of the week, when we will be in the new place. A box of books containing many of my primary resources accidentally got shipped to storage instead of the new place, but I managed to keep some things and also have all my magazines. So once we get over there and all, we'll get back to this idea.

Meanwhile, at least some of these posts will be writing prompts and quick ideas. I personally do not get much from such things, but that's partially my fault; I have tried them a few times, but only half-heartedly, so I cannot honestly say they do not work for me. A lot of people enjoy them, so I will provide some as we go along.

For those of you wondering, I'm about to wrap it up here for tonight. I'm bushed!

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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