Monday, April 13, 2009

Bearings, Agenda

I am still getting my bearings after a very hectic few weeks and a long, Easter weekend. I thought some people might be closed on Monday for the holiday; Good Friday had completely slipped my mind! So I have several things I have to get done today, and it's going to be hectic yet again, for at least a few days.

As you've likely heard, we had some rough weather the past few days. Almost all of it skirted our area, but just barely, so we were forced to take precautionary measures, which included unplugging the computers (from the phones - we're on dial-up right now). Yesterday being Easter, I got very little done. Our celebration consisted of roasting a ham and eating big, including a sweet potato pie and my famous peanut butter cup pie. It was fun. We're still eating.

Today, I may get to more of the system we've been discussing, but I have other tools and approaches I want to bring you. Some of them will work in conjunction, while others will have little or nothing to do with the "sketch" method we're discussing, but they're all good to know.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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