Sunday, March 22, 2009


I post more of these agenda entries than I do about writing... but this blog has always been neglected and there is still nothing I can do about that immediately. I have been beset by serious financial woes as late, not to mention my decline in health.

Right this minute, I am fighting the new landlord every other week; she's decided she's going to come in and "clean house," as it were, and is citing everyone for everything - I mean things that are, technically, against the bylaws or whatever, but have been going on for years (like letting our pets run around outside without leashes, letting company use the parking spaces of apartmentrs in which no one lives instead of having to walk all the way over from visitor parking, etc.) - stuff that hurts no one and bothers none of us tenants - and she's been sending me some bullshit letter every other week. I haven't even been keeping-up on the other blogs.

Also, if any of you are sponsored posters like me, you may have noticed a severe drop in opportunities. I certainly have! I've been spending my time working on the website, becuase even though I'm looking at mere pennies per visit there, those pennies add up; I'd rather be making 3¢ a day than $0! But while it's hard to switch from one subject to another between blogs, it's downright impossible (for me) to switch from doing the site to blogging about anything - unless something comes up which happens to be better handled on a blog.

I so want to change this template to something of my design. I want it to look nicer, flow with the rest of the site's design and general aesthetic, and I heard that this template (which I got for free off a website) may have errors which Google penalizes. But I doubt we'll ever get any PR here, anyway - which is kinda sad because, if I ever get to where I'm posting more actual content than "agenda" entries, I really do know a thing or two about riteing.

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