Friday, December 12, 2008

Oregon Seeks Another Book Ban

Yet another Oregonian parent has taken umbrage to a book taught in public schools - this time because it references "masturbation, and that it's ok and no big deal."

Hank Moss, of Pineville, Oregon, has deemed National Book Award-winner, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
by Sherman Alexie, "inappropriate... trash" and demanded it be removed from the school curriculum. In response, the school has removed the book after this single complaint.

Alexie defended his book as the true story of an Indian who came to be accepted by a small town of Conservative whites. Moss retorted, "I think it's trash. I don't think a 50-year-old ought to read it."

Sadly, it does not sound like Pineville, OR is a small town filled with Conservative whites which is likely to accept Indian boys. Or masturbation as anything other than abnormal behavior.

This is the second time in almost as many months Oregon has removed an award-winning children's book from schools based on the fascist claims of a single parent.

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