Thursday, October 2, 2008

Contribute to Dawn's Cookbook

Fellow blogger, Dawn, has decided she wants to go to New Zealand and is saving up the money to do so. Unfortunately, she's going to need a lot more than what she has. Ever enterprising, Dawn scoured the Web and found a site that allows for a collaborative cookbook to be made for fundraising.

No, her trip is not the only thing to which you will be contributing; she plans to split the proceeds with Breast Cancer Research.

Dawn's idea is simple and I thought it would be fun: she wants as many of us who wish to participate to send in recipes around the theme, "Cooking with Love." Then she wants us to buy a book.

If you are a budding cookbook writer, or just want a little clip (I'm not sure how well this would go over as a clip, but all the same) - or you would just like to experience the joy of practical social networking with a cause - check it out and add her to your MyBlogLog friends while you're at it!

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