Friday, September 12, 2008

What a Terrible Day

You know, I went through a "regular" day here not so long back, listing all the many things I have to do everyday, and amongst them was listed "deal with at least one drama." SO let me tell you about the drama I dealt with today.

Now, regular readers know of the corrupt Decatur County, TN politicians. I don't mean "corrupt" as in they have extra-marital affairs or murder people - they do, but it goes much deeper. The phrase you will hear most often whenever you talk about them here or in the surrounding counties is, "they just do what they want to." That kind of corruption.

And it is 100% true.

So I am having to go to one of these "No Credit, Bad Credit, etc." EZ-Loan places to get the money to pay this fine so I don't end up back in the clink when they illegally violate my probation at the end of this month. I say illegally because they never gave me any indication of how long the probation was for; in fact, I specifically recall the judge saying I would be on probation "until the fine is paid," and since he gave me until October 27th, I assumed that extended the probation. However, these guys "just do whatever they want" and they have decided "the judge doesn't keep up with those kinds of things." Factually, no one does... but at any rate, I am having to go to one of these places Barack Obama may finally shut down if he makes it into office just to stay out of jail.

Anyway, I get there and they tell me the Gub'ment has to fax them a financial record that, even though I have print-outs of from the World-Wide Interweb, has to come from them because "The Company" mandates it. Why I was not apprised of this before I made the 20 mile trip into "town," I cannot say, but I spent four fucking hours trying to get that fax to come through...

Only to find out later that these morons were answering the fax line!!!

True story.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Ike is driving the price of gas higher than your local hooker and traffic around town is gridlocked. Police are called to direct and newsmen in their little vans are filming the ensuing chaos. It took us 15 minutes to get past the really busy gas stations to find one that was just plain busy, where we sat for another 20 minutes until we could get to the pump!

I lost the entire day.

And this was a Friday!

Needless to say, I started drinking.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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