Saturday, June 14, 2008

Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine

Strange, Weird, & Wonderful Magazine was founded in 2008 as a free pdf. periodical with equal dedication to writers and readers that share a love of Horror, Fantasy, Sci Fi, and all things Paranormal.

At Strange, Weird, & Wonderful Magazine we believe, "there's talent everywhere," and four times a year, we'll give you 35,000 to 100,000 words of the best fiction and related articles available.

As for writers, authors, & artists we want your best material, because like us, we know our readers expect no less. Everyone that receives Strange, Weird, & Wonderful Magazine has requested it; and chances are they will read and view your work. We want stories with depth, and breadth, good characterization, and plot development. We want images that we can't get out of our mind, even after the pages have all been turned. We want each of you to feel pride in knowing that your work will be available alongside the best in your field. Again, we believe talent is everywhere, help us prove it!

We currently pay a flat rate of $25 per fiction piece, and $20 per article. Our rates for artwork are negotiable. Please query first.

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