Monday, June 23, 2008


I told you we would get to a regular schedule one of these days and - knock wood! - we finally have. I could not have done this without scheduled posting, though; most of last week's entries were written in one day and scheduled to post throughout the week. This post was actually written at 7pm last night.

One of these days, I will do a BtWW article on scheduled posting and how to work it into your routine, but Weird Ink is perfect for them because so few of the posts are timely in nature. In general, you can now expect at least one entry a day, excepting weekends.

My intention is to write at least 2-3 posts for the week tonight and schedule them for the first of the week, then I have an article largely already written that I am going to finish for later in the week. But the main thing I plan to work on is adding a new feature to Weird Ink which I describe and discuss in the next BtWW entry.

Having already implemented this feature on The OddBlog without problem, I don't expect there to be any real problems, but you know how these things go. Not to mention I changed a freaking ad on The Rundown last week and no one's bothered to tell me it is funky under IE! So sometimes, things look fine on this end but are screwy on yours and I don't know anything about it!

At any rate, the new feature(s) may cause me to be absent for at least one day, but I really doubt it. We'll just take things as they come and see how it goes.

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