Thursday, June 19, 2008

2007 Sees Record Blogger Arrests

2007 saw three times more blogger arrests than 2006, with over half coming from the countries of China, Iran, and Egypt - all well-known human rights violators.

Since 2003, over 60 people have been arrested for posting their views and opinions on blogs, the majority of which were politically-motivated. Jail time was the preferred punishment, with an average sentence of 15 months, though the longest term was eight years! I could be wrong, but "guilty" Egyptian bloggers may have had their hands chopped off. The exact number of arrests is unknown, but is thought to be much higher.

Experts note this proves the growing importance and influence of political blogging. Also noted were the 30 countries that impose strict limits on what users can do online, with blogging high on the list.

But third-world shitholes are not the only countries which have arrested bloggers; bloggers have been arrested in Canada, France, Britain, and the United States. The report predicted an even higher incidence of arrests for 2008.

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