Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blogging the Write Way: Speak English or Die!

You know, I am often stuck with the unenviable task of being The Asshole - not because I really am so mean or obstinate, but because I'm the only one who actually has the nerve to stand up and say what everyone else is thinking.

It's just a matter of being that I am straightforward and honest - traits far too few truly appreciate. And so it is that I find myself in this position yet again when it comes to the proliferation of ostensibly English blogs (splogs) written by people (sploggers) who cannot speak English.

This is the description of one such blog I visited through a blog-based social network this very day. This is the actual description beneath the title; this is a quote:
this blog was provide the nice video clips that you can easily find without messy with another. view this blog frequently and get your best video collection here.we try to provide the best. watch all the best video collection here. we compiled it for you. thanks
No kidding!

Now, I already know I'm going to get flack from the bleeding-hearts of the Blogosphere, so let me tell you right off the bat: STFU. The single, one and only, reason these non-English-speaking people are writing their blogs in English is to get more advertisers and sponsored post opportunities; in short, they're simply creating English language splogs. And this is bad for the entire Blogosphere, whether you advertise or not.
  1. It lowers the advertising value of all blogs. These sploggers will accept literally any advertising opportunity and once advertisers realize there is a market that will accept 5000-word "positive reviews" containing 42 outbound links without the NOFOLLOW attribute, a company logo image, and a YouTube video, they simply refuse to pay the rest of us a fair wage for the same.
  2. It keeps honest bloggers from getting these opportunities, to begin with. Why are we competing with these sploggers in the first place?
  3. It devalues all blogs by overloading and confusing the search engines and blog networks.
  4. It devalues all blogs because these sploggers are interested specifically, only, in making money. Their splogs use every SEO trick in the book, include every spammy link and advertiser the rest of us refuse to carry, and contain absolutely nothing of any value - no information, no relevant links, nothing people are really searching for when they come across them. After coming across such splogs a few times, many would-be readers give up on searching blogs at all.
  5. These "blogs" are nothing but splogs, period. Why in the world would you try to blog in a language you do not even speak or read/write unless there was some incentive for you to do so? And the only incentive these sploggers have is making money.
I am not against people for whom English is a second language, but if this is the case, I would certainly appreciate some indication of that! The mere mention of this in the description or elsewhere would soften my heart to their efforts. But this is not the case with these splogs; many of them write their entries in their own language and then parse them through translator sites, such as Babel Fish.

Further, their splogs are literally awash in advertising, including those of the basest kind (pop-ups, pop-unders, PPC [pills, porn, casino] ads, etc.), so even if you are completely deluded, and all like, "We should support everyone who wants to blog - even infants and unicorns!" you should be against splogging because it devalues the entire Blogosphere and the act of blogging, itself.

Many of us got into blogging because we wanted to express ourselves and get our POV on subjects and topics important to us out there for readers to find. It's become necessary now for us to be activists against these fake "bloggers" who report news and run news sites they classify as "blogs" simply to get in on the popularity of the term ("buzzword" marketing strategists who run actual websites, not blogs), as well as these sploggers who "only the writing of English blogging to the capitalize for making moneys in the to blogging SEO markets."

So do your part and denounce an ESL splog today!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008


  1. It's funny that these non native speaking bloggers usually invade the community sites. The thing is that unless you write good content you ain't going to make any money. Heck, half the time even if you do write good content you still make squat. best to host your own blogs.

  2. I know! Almost everyday, I get an e-mail notifying me that Habib has added me to his list of 234977809 "friends". I go to check it out, and all his blogs are on "How to the moneys make and SEO your contents in the blogging."

    As to your other point, I blame the sponsored post networking sites for that; those of us who produce quality content are being lumped-in with all of these splogs simply because they insist on clinging to this PR bullshit.

    It may be a hassle for them to verify a blog's quality by human, but if they want to avoid Google pushing them under, they better get with the program. Heck, even Google is using people to check sites now!

  3. Preach on man, preach on!

    This is exactly how I feel about it, I can't stand the way these people write at all, it makes me want to beat something to death. LOL

  4. lol

    Me too. Makes me want to find the nearest living thing and just kill it.