Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hey guys, so sorry. Last week was a busy one, what with taxes and all.

This week started off pretty busy too, as I had to get up early yesterday to head to Murmphis for a seminar that I knew, going-in, was going to be an utter waste of time, but I had already told someone I would go and she was dead-set on finding out the hard way that I was - as always - right, so what could I do?

I got the new Writer's Digest today and there has actually been quite a bit of writerly news the past week. I managed to bookmark all of it I came across and I keep meaning to get to it, I just keep running out of time. I am almost finished with the book I am reading and will give a thorough review (in fact, I expect to finish it tonight - right after I'm done here). I am going to cover the Harry Potter trial here, instead of The Rundown, because it makes more sense, but it took me a few days to decide. I have also been scouring the Web for the most useful tools and resources to include here and, I freely admit, keep getting sidetracked along the way.

So, we've got a full week ahead, I just didn't want to have to post one of these general "what's-going-on" entries because I have so much to post here that I kept thinking I was going to get to it later, then the next day, then it was the next day, so I apologize. Hopefully, with all of the rush-to-get-it-done stuff out of the way, we'll settle back into the natural flow of things tomorrow and walk on through the rest of the month.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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  1. Hey! I got an advance review of a new book headed your way sometime this month or next, in fact! Just found out a few minutes after writing this!