Friday, March 7, 2008


It looks like I fixed the feed... sadly, like most of what I accomplish online, I have no real idea what I did. I knew what I was doing when I did it, and IIRC, it was one of those "duh" things that I forgot to update once I changed the settings here - but that really should have automatically updated on its own, since Google owns all of it and it's all connected - but I don't recall what, exactly, I did. At any rate, it appears to be working on at least some sites, so that's good enough for now; it can take a day or two to update anyway.

Today/tonight, I am working on the Chill section for The Weirding. What I have to do isn't all that hard, it's just time-consuming and complex, so it takes forever and you can't stop in the middle of it.

Other than that, I am still working on the tags both here and over to The OddBlog, so if your feed starts throwing up old posts, that's why.

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