Monday, March 3, 2008

Technical Notes

Obviously, I am nowhere near done pimping the design here. I got sidetracked, working on The OddBlog and haven't gotten back to working here yet. Weird Ink is a lot less complicated all the way around - not least of all because it has far fewer posts and tags!

While this one won't take that long to do, I am also going to be promoting it heavily at the same time - joining different groups and communities, submitting to search engines and directories, and just generally getting the word out. Hopefully, comments will pick up then.

One thing you can count on is more frequent posting. But while what I have to do doesn't sound like much, it does take time and effort and I have a whole lot of plates spinning this moment, so there is no ETA; these things will come to pass sometime in March, but I can't say how much or how far.

Weird Ink is especially important because it alone comprises the entirety of the Writing section on The Weirding, so it is its own animal and, as such, I have to approach it uniquely. It's pretty cool when you think about it, but from my perspective, it means that I can't do it the way I do the other blogs which, while stand-alone blogs, are generally part of a larger section or theme.

So, I am totally into doing this for all sorts of reasons, it's just a lot of work and I have to be careful with it.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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