Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Design

Well? What do you think?

Still a ways to go, but I wanted to get this up and see what you think - and what I think. I really like it! I hate that I lost the background picture because I felt that it really tied the site together, but I know it was sometimes hard to read because of it. I kept lightening it and lightening it, but at a certain point, it lost so much detail that it was almost impossible to tell it was a typewriter...

Anyway, I had some other choices that were "literary," but I had to have three columns because this is the whole of the Writing section. Of course, there will be stand-alone pages, pictures, and files, but this is the control center or "home page" and thee aren't a lot of branches or sub-directories off from it. After all, it's a writing section, so it only makes sense for the brunt of it to be text-based.

Like I said, there is still more to come, but it's largely minor tweaks. Once everything is settled insofar as the layout and general design, I have to go back to the site itself and change some of the key pages there - notably the homepage and "cornerstone" pages off of it (the main section pages - this is the main Writing section page, for example) - and fit everything together.

When I am done, it will be hard to tell that this is actually a blog and not just another page/section. Of course, all of the areas and pages have their own feel and design, but they all have to fit into the overall theme of the site, and the theme of their overall content, and then have their own, individual look and feel, according to content and focus. It's a real undertaking, just as I told you it was, and it is going to take some time to accomplish, but that's one of the reasons I did it this way: Weird Ink is both a part of the whole and its own animal, so you have the gist of what it is going to be.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think and any suggestions you may have!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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