Friday, March 28, 2008

Agenda - Technicalese, New Sponsors, More

As I stated before, Weird Ink is not just a writing/blogging blog, it is the Writing section of The Weirding website. As such, it has to contain more than just posts on how to improve your writing, get your blog noticed, and so forth; it has to provide actual resources for the working writer.

If you've been with us for a while now, you know we used to have search boxes, writing indeces, and more - we had a pretty decent collection of writerly resources for all needs. But when I redesigned the blog, I did not include all of those right off the bat only because there were some issues getting the template right and so on and I wanted to make sure you could access the blog. (Before that, the blog crashed and I never got back around to re-adding a lot of the stuff we had here originally.)

At any rate, all of those things (and more) are coming back. Over the weekend, starting today, you will notice more options, features, and links to other great resources (both elsewhere on the site and across the Web). Far from trying to compete with sites dedicated to writing and/or journaling/blogging, etc., Weird Ink was always intended to be a guide and directory for such things - why reinvent the wheel, as it were? There are already scores of great sites, programs, discussion boards, and other resources for the working writer (as well as the casual hobbyist) and Weird Ink is here to help you find and utilize them.

Further, we have taken on some new sponsors, so you will be seeing sponsored posts here and there throughout the scroll. Much like a print magazine (be it slick or rag), these ads help pay for the time we spend here; unlike a print magazine (or a lot of associated sites), you don't have to pay for Weird Ink! This is a great development, because it allows me to spend more time working here, which means there will be more posts, more often!

It is going to take some time and effort to get these things in place, so if you have any problems accessing the site or things are just plain-old funky here and there, that is why. I have a whole lot of good bookmarks, engines, and ideas to get to you, I just have to work on the presentation of it all, which takes a lot longer than most non-designers realize (a lot of previewing, rearranging, re-previewing, re-rearranging, ad infinitum). Right now, I am collecting the different elements and sketching the layout on paper, so you should notice some new features by the end of the day and certainly by Monday.

In the immediate future, look forward to a more robust template (more features, resources, etc.), posts on characterization, market listings, reviews, and a few crossover posts, detailing how to write for gaming companies and comic books!

Thanks for reading and I hope to start hearing from some of you!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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