Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Haven't Forgotten You!

Hey guys, I certainly haven't forgotten you, nor have I abandoned the blog. I have simply been very busy with Paris, the website in general, and just living. As you've heard, grocery bills have skyrocketed, and that's really put me in a pinch this month. I'm behind on some bills and have been stressing over that too much; it's taken its toll on my health and quality of life, honestly. But it's not like it's all so hard; just waiting on money to come in - a lot of which should really have already arrived - and trying to make things stretch through until then, like everyone else.

Plus, I had to play "Find the Smell" the last, like, three days. I washed all the dishes, took out the trash and washed the entire garbage can, threw out some grease and some milk that smelled slightly sour (not sure if it was bad, but since I couldn't decide, I threw it out), completely cleaned out the leftovers in the fridge... I even Windexed the cabinet doors and countertops and I'm still getting these errant wafts of something.

I'm starting to think the ending to The Sopranos may be lying in the empty apartment below me...

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