Monday, May 7, 2007

Back Early - My Agenda

As you may have read on one of my many other illustrious blogs, I'm gearing-up to bring the whole thing together as best I can. That means there's going to be a dearth of hard-hitting writing and blogging-related posts here in the next week or so, as we work to gt templates, feeds, design, layout, and so on sympatico with the rest of the of the network and the site in particular.

You''ll be noticing a lot of small layout and formatting changes, including a host of new widgets and just general changes over the next week or two. Just be patient and we'll get it all done ASAP.

Thanks again. As we are a new and growing blog, we beg you to add us to your Blogrolls, subscribe to our feed, and let people know about us. Leave us a Comment and we'll certainly return the favor!

Thanks again and here's looking forward to the future!

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