Saturday, May 11, 2019

New to Listiller

I'm still pursuing avenues for my creative writing, but I also have bills to pay -- including the one for this site!  So I went back to content writing -- which can be creative in its own right, depending on the job -- and I also started using Listiller (

Listiller is large and impressive, with all kinds of jobs for freelance writers.  Although I am admittedly new to the site, there's a bit of a learning curve and I am still finding my way around.  There is a very affordable subscription plan, but Listiller is free to use.

More importantly, Listiller has an active community of freelancers in addition to the opportunities it posts -- which is great, because freelancing from home can get really lonesome.  It helps to have someone to talk shop with.

It looks like Listiller could become the hub for my freelancing efforts.  With its robust profiles, tons of job listings, and community of freelancers, I find myself hanging-out there more and more often.  Being new to the site, I haven't engaged anyone directly yet, but I am following a few conversations. 
(I'm lurking, y'all!)

Also, I have already found work through Listiller!  So I can vouch for its efficiency.

Even if you don't freelance (why not?), I highly suggest checking out Listiller.  You never know what you'll find -- but, if you're looking for a writer, or you're a writer looking for a job, Listiller is where you should be looking.

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