Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Candy canes may be the "official" Christmas candy, but chocolate goes well with any holiday - (and any wine, any diet - you get the idea) - and nobody wants a basketful of candy canes! Seriously though, who doesn't like chocolate? Intentional Chocolate has come upon a brilliant idea for the holidays: chocolate gift baskets! Stuffed with what they consider to be the finest dark chocolates in the world: pure Hawaiian chocolate "infused with the spiritual energy of experienced meditators [sic?] personally trained with the Dalai Lama." I kid you not.

These baskets include their best-selling chocolate candies - Chocolate Pistols (both dark and milk chocolate), Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate Goji Berries, and more - and they are all organic. If there is such a thing as "healthy" candy, this is it! Plus, a chocolate gift basket has got to be one of the least-expected things I can think of, so it would make an excellent gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, a classy gift for your boss or co-worker(s), and one any chocolate-lover will go ga-ga over!