Monday, February 9, 2009

WAHMs Check This Out

Weird Ink not only helps you become better bloggers and writers, we also bring you writing opportunities whenever (and wherever) we find them. And while this opportunity is not creative writing, it still allows you the chance to work from home, using your typing skills - you know, those typing skills you are supposed to be boning-up on while writing. And this one is aimed at you new mothers, who I am sure could use the money:

Medical billing software is known to be complicated and expensive, but medical billers are always in demand. If you know a doctor, you could possibly work from home doing his billing. MPM Software has developed a new medical billing program that makes it easy. All you really need is a doctor to work for!

Granted, this isn't writing, per se, but it is an opportunity to work from home, for yourself, and that gives you more time to work on your writing. Plus, you never know where you will make contacts. I did everything from telemarketing to selling soap before I decided to pursue a career online, and while you might not decide to make a career out of medical billing, medical billers make pretty good money! Use that time to learn more about whatever it is you're looking to get into, then some of that money to move in that direction.