Sunday, September 7, 2008

You Are a CEO

You might not realize it (though you probably have) but you are the CEO of your own company. Let's face it: you run the show here, do you not? You create the content, market it, generally have to promote it afterward, and make and maintain the contacts in the online and/or publishing world which help you succeed. But do you really know what you are doing?

Sure, you may have it all together when it comes to being the captain of your own ship, but as your empire grows, you will need to add more help. I could do wonders with a personal assistant to handle my affairs while I focus on the creative aspects of all I have to do (some people call it a "wife") and another programmer/designer would be absolutely fantastic. That's why I suggest reading more from Dennis C Carey, author, and executive recruiter.

His information will help you develop the habits and traits you need to captain your corporation. Even if you are not incorporated or running a big business, this can only benefit your business!