Saturday, July 12, 2008

Testing - The Travails of a Productivity Loser

Hey guys. I do not generally update over the weekends, but I needed to test this and seeing as how I am going to discuss it here eventually and it has to do with blogging, I decided to make an exception.

I am blogging to you from offsite, using a Firefox add-on called ScribeFire. I have used it in the past (when it had a different name) and it worked well. I just always forgot I had it installed and went about it the "hard" way, so I eventually uninstalled it and forgot all about it. But, in searching for tools to help increase and improve my productivity lately, I came across this new version and thought I would give it a shot.

ScribeFire is a blogging tool which allows you to blog about anything on the Web, from anywhere, simply by opening the application. You can open it through Tools, View (Sidebar), or just hitting F8. You can set how/where it opens (split-window, new tab, or new window) as well as other options.

ScribeFire is a WYSIWYG blog editor that publishes your entry to your blog. You can add as many blogs as you have and choose which one you want to publish to. I could have sworn Book Antiqua was one of the available fonts (I'm almost positive it was, because I played with this the otehr day) but I don't see it in the list right now. I am wondering if it will publish according to my pre-sets in Blogger, which is one of the reasons I wanted to test-drive it. I also don't know if or how it is going to link to the page I am looking at right now.

So this is just a test-drive. I'll have more to say on ScribeFire at a later date.

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